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JX Nippon Mining & Metals is a leading supplier of consumable electronic materials. Products include sputtering targets for semiconductors, sputtering targets for flat panel displays, sputtering targets for data storage devices, and wafers for compound semiconductors. We support our customers globally with manufacturing plants in the U.S. and Japan and sales offices worldwide.

Constant enhancement of materials and cooperation with major equipment manufacturers, as well as our customers, are the keys to our unsurpassed performance.

We continually strive to improve materials for current devices, develop new materials for upcoming devices, and meet ever-changing industry requirements. Our standard-setting research and development labs have created and developed the best-performing electronic materials available anywhere.

Our integrated manufacturing process assures consistent quality, stable materials and a low cost. Our manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Japan assure customers of a stable and timely supply of materials anywhere in the world.

We support our customers internationally with manufacturing plants in the U.S. and Japan and sales offices in six countries worldwide.


JX Nippon Mining & Metals USA operates under JX Group, a global enterprise active in a wide array of businesses including petroleum products, non-ferrous metals and specialty electronic materials.

JX Nippon Mining & Metals has a worldwide infrastructure of manufacturing facilities, R&D and support offices to serve all of our customers. JX Nippon Mining & Metals supports its customers through a large staff of advanced materials science engineers. Our team of specialists has a comprehensive understanding of the process and production issues facing customers, and works directly with equipment and process engineers to deliver personalized support solutions.


To support our worldwide customer base of sputtering target and ACROTEC compound semiconductor materials users, manufacturing facilities are located in both Japan the United States. Both sites are state of the art facilities which utilize the best equipment available, in addition to a highly trained staff with extensive knowledge in their areas of expertise.

JX Nippon Mining & Metals has one of the largest analytical labs in the industry, with the latest in metrology equipment. We utilize both destructive and non-destructive testing to support quality control, research and development, and special technical requests.



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